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Themes: Cum Eating, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Uncut Cocks, Young Men
Starring: Kyle Brooks, Tommy, Spike Pierce, Ricky Martinez, Adam Tucker, Kriss, Damien Fuchs, Caeden Chase, Scott Christensen, Aaron Brandt
Studio: Spunk Video
Duration: 82 minutes


After his spectacular debut in last year's smash hit Bareback Bedroom, Director Max Hancock returns with an all-oral, cum-eating extravaganza. Five scenes with all but one of the guys under the age of 30. Director Hancock captures the essence of carefree sexual abandon, while mixing in the nastiness of ravenous cum junkies bent on nothing more than getting their next load of spunk. Whether you're an eater or a feeder, you'll love seeing these wild young guys kneel, suck and swallow. The result is delicious.
Here's how Max Hancock describes the film:
I've always enjoyed cocksucking in porn because it's something that I personally get off on. Cumming of age when I did, I really didn't get into fucking as a young man. Back then, cocksucking was more than my passion -- I was obsessed.

There's just something about having a guy's rock hard and hot dick in your mouth, or alternatively getting blown that is, well, nirvana. More than that, I have to admit I really go for cum -- the taste, the feel, and the warmth of that thick fluid sloshing around your mouth. Sometimes, I feel my absolute nastiest when I'm swallowing down a huge load of spooge.

Whether the public knows it or not, I have been very much influenced by my friend Paul Morris and his team at Treasure Island. Through his work, Paul has really encouraged me to think of cocksucking not simply as a prelude to fucking, but really as an act unto itself. Paul, along with his protege Damon Dogg, shoot the best cocksucking and cum eating I have ever seen, and it really inspires me. So when my producer, Mike Brady, asked me if I would consider making an all-oral movie, I said absolutely. In fact, I was quite eager to do it.

I decided that the oral movie I really wanted to make would focus on portraying what my own experiences were like growing up. I wanted to capture that truly uninhibited sex that younger guys have when sucking dick. I thought about my experiences as a teenager with my buddies, or a favorite memory of 69'ing in the men's room of the local department store with another boy two years older than me. For the record, he spit; I swallowed.

Kyle Brooks and Tommy

When casting this film, I had the good fortune to meet a young man named Kyle Brooks, who starred in one of my favorite recent movies, Portland Cum - Kyle's First Time from Blue Alley, a small studio here in the Bay Area. Not only is 20-year-old Kyle the cutest smooth blue-eyed boy, but he is an incredible cocksucker as well. When I met him I knew right away I had to have to have him in my film.

I paired him with a first time model, a very well built blond German guy who has a beautiful 10-inch rod that gets rock hard. Tommy hesitated about doing porn, but his boyfriend helped me convince him. They were visiting from abroad and kind of needed the money; and the only condition they set was that Tommy couldn't reciprocate. While I generally don't like visitors on the set, Tommy was so nervous that I agreed to let the boyfriend stick around, and Tommy often looked over at him to make certain everything was cool.

Of course, Kyle sucked down that 10-inch rod like a pro, licking, chomping, and swallowing that huge piece of blond cock whole. My producer Mike was on the set that day and he thought Kyle's cocksucking was so hot, he told me later he had fantasies about it.

The scene begins with the two young men kissing and rubbing each other on the couch, and Kyle is very eager to get his lips around that huge blond wiener. Being kind of shy, Tommy's soft at first, but Kyle quickly licks him hard, and we get to see Tommy's manhood in all its glory.

Right away, Kyle swallows Tommy's cock whole, getting the long rod completely down his open throat. Kyle starts off slowly at first, but his sucking and slurping sounds practically shout out this boy's hunger.

Kyle works Tommy's knob, and gets the huge cock completely wet as he spreads his saliva all over. Even fully erect, Kyle can deep throat that enormous hunk of meat all the way down to the pubes with absolutely no gag reflex. What a pro.

Tommy lays back with Kyle at work between his muscular legs. Kyle starts working Tommy's cock furiously with his mouth and hand, coaxing the semen from the young man's dick. In his German accented English, Tommy says "I'm cumming"; as he shoots a huge load all over Kyle's tongue and into his mouth, which the hungry boy just loves. Kyle cleans off that enormous blond choda, making certain to get every drop of that precious manjuice. Hell, even I was jealous.

Aaron Brandt and Scott Christensen

Back in the nineties, there was a very young porn star that went by the name Aaron Brandt. I always enjoyed his work, and he was in one of my very favorite movies of all time, Guys Like Us, produced by the best gay porn Director of all-time, Steven Scarborough.

I met Aaron recently in San Francisco, and even though he hadn't made a movie in several years, he is still young and cute, and very sexy. When we got together to talk about doing a shoot, Aaron brought his boyfriend with him, who I immediately recognized as Adam Tucker, a part-time porn star and full-time student. I immediately offered him work, too - I couldn't pass up those gorgeous brown eyes and dimpled cheeks. Because of scheduling problems I was not able to shoot them together, but I'm very glad I got to work with them both.

Scott Christensen is a guy I have known for some time, and have tried to hire for as long as I've known him. Aside from his incredible tattoos, Scott has one of the most beautiful cocks in all of San Francisco. It's long, hard, and extremely thick. Scott didn't feel comfortable making porn the first time we talked a couple of years ago, but later decided that it wouldn't hurt his day job after all. At 32, Scott is the only guy in the movie over the age of 30, but he has such an incredible cock I had to capture it on film the first chance I got.

The attraction between Aaron and Scott was obvious as they pawed each other even before I got the cameras rolling. In fact, they undressed so quickly, I really had to work fast.

Being a natural bottom boy, Aaron drops to knees to get a taste of Scott's magnificent meat, but Scott also wants to check out Aaron's boy beef, and starts licking and teasing his balls. They go back and forth like this for a few minutes, sucking, kissing, and just exploring each other's bodies, before dropping to the floor for a little 69 action. The voyeur in me loves watching guys 69, as I sometimes feel it is the most pure act of guy-on-guy sexuality, each man giving and receiving pleasure at the same time in almost exactly the same way. Aaron and Scott clearly get into it, as they trade blows simultaneously and alternately.

They move back to the sofa, and Aaron starts working on Scott's fat cock. Soon the feeder is so worked up he blows a huge load all over Aaron's lips and into his mouth, which the younger man loves. Then Aaron climbs up and let's Scott go to work on his hard cock. Scott licks all over his crotch and balls, Aaron quickly cums, and Scott jumps up to get his taste of hot man milk.

I know these two guys really enjoyed the scene, because I found out later that after they left the studio, they went back to Aaron's place and did it all over again. Too bad I didn't follow 'em home with the camera… that would have been one hell of a DVD extra!

Spike Pierce and Ricky Martinez

These two young men were referred to me by a friend of mine, who knew I was looking for young guys. 19-year-old Spike and 20-year-old Ricky were boyfriends at the time we shot the scene, and I think they perfectly capture the essence of youth and the type of sex I wanted to portray.

Spike has a little boy body, and a huge man-sized cock. I absolutely love the combination of the two -- that mixture of innocence and pure, unadulterated sex. Ricky is a very handsome Latino boy with the face of an angel. I also was excited to work with them together as I think the contrast between Spike's milky white skin, and Ricky's beautiful carmel coloring is just amazing.

The two boys affection for each other is obvious as they start the scene with some tender kisses. Spike moves down to pull Ricky's pants off, and get a taste of the boy's sweet brown cock. Not for long though, as soon Ricky's filling his own mouth with Spike's man-sized rod.

Ricky is the kind of boy that likes to put most anything in his mouth, and there's no part of another guy he won't get wet. He dives between Spike's boy butt cheeks, rimming his hole for all its worth, and he keeps going back to it, throughout the scene (check out the DVD extra!).

After some back and forth play, the boys jerk off together side-by-side, and just when Spike is about to blow his load, Ricky jumps up to catch the shooting sperm in his mouth. As Spike's load spurts out, Ricky closes his mouth around the pulsating cock, grabbing every bit of cum he can, and licking the remainder off of his fingers.

Ricky soon jerks his own brown wand and Spike eagerly laps up all of Ricky's cum, as it spreads all over his little boy lips and mouth. Spike then cleans off the wet meat as well as his own fingers, and the two buddies are now spent, having shared their fresh hot seed.

Adam Tucker and Kriss

I met Adam through Aaron Brandt, but due to scheduling problems I couldn't shoot them together. Still I couldn't let that cute boy and his 10-inch long schlong go. I called up Kriss, a young student I know eager to break into the business.

It didn't take much convincing for the two guys, as they were quick to get into some oral action with each other. They start out by kissing and playing as they get undressed, and Kriss can't want to get Adam's huge dong into his mouth.

I love how this scene progresses as the two guys go back and forth with each other, licking and enjoying the taste and feels of the other's hard dick, before settling into some 69 action. Both the boys were very comfortable with the camera, practically forgetting that I was even there, and I was able to capture incredible 69 footage, some of the best I have seen, even if I do say so myself.

Kriss is a natural cocksucker, and whe has a small piercing in his tongue that he sure knows what to do with. Kriss works Adam's 10-inch cock, teasing and nursing the splooge out, and then he is amply rewarded with such a huge load he can't keep it all in his mouth. I just love the part where some of the spunk spills out and stays stuck to his chin as he cleans off Adam's cock. Kriss then returns the favor by giving Adam a taste of his load as well. Adam was then so sexually charged up, and being so young, he wanted to shoot again. Check out the DVD extras for his second cum shot as it jetted out of his 10-inch dick.

Damien Fuchs and Caeden Chase

Damien is a student here in the Bay area, who has a really nice cock, and some great tats. He had never made porn before, but was really up for it. Caeden was just discharged from the Navy, and moved to San Francisco to start a new life. When they met on the set the two guys immediately connected, and I felt they really spoke the same language.

Since Damien had never done porn, he was a little shy about what he would do on camera. He had no problem kissing, but he would not suck cock on camera. I said that was okay, and so the scene was set that Caeden would just suck him. However, Damien was far from passive, and acted as that kind of oral top who gives his cocksucker a real workout.

Damien tears into Caeden, first by practically ripping his clothes off, and then by forcing his cock deep down his throat. All the while Damian's got his hand on the back of Caeden's head, in essence controlling all the action.

Caeden's time in the Navy was clearly well spent, and he works on Damien's thick piece, taking it all down to the root. Caeden also has a tongue ring, and he works it like a weapon. Still, Damien is clearly in control, as he climbs up and starts aggressively fucking Caeden's mouth, who just loves it as he jerks his own cock into a frenzy, and shoots his own load as Damien makes the boy lick his balls.

Now its time for Damien to cum, and Caeden works the thick cock feverishly with both his mouth and hand. Just as the pre-cum starts to dribble out of his piss-slit, Damien grabs Caeden's head and forces the cumming cock to the back of his cocksucker's mouth, causing Caeden to gag on the full load of hot jizz flowing down his throat. Caeden drinks every drop, cleaning off the cock and milking it for every last bit of sperm he can suck out.

I put a whole lot of action into Young Cum Eaters and I know you will enjoy it. If you like cock sucking and cum-swallowing as much as I do, you've got to get this movie. There's no filler or plot, and no music masks the hot sucking, slurping, and swallowing sounds — just pure unadulterated cock worship. Nothing but cum hungry young men filling their mouths with big throbbing cocks that spurt hot loads down their open throats.

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