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Themes: Bareback Sex, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Threeways
Studio: Triga
Duration: 89 minutes


A muscled Spaniard takes a leak into a water bottle, then pours the golden contents over his gym fit fuck buddy. They spit, suck and rim their way into a roof-top hot-tub, sportsgear left on as they get wet n fucking wild wiv eachother. Hard n horny head giving and forceful butt cheek spreading show just how greedy these two whores are to get a real good taste of each other. As the trackies are ripped off, its clear that the leaner lad is about to get his smooth fuckhole well and truly shafted. Bent over he gets mounted like a back alley slut, taking a truly relentless pounding from his aggressive mate who slams home hard and deep, his big bubble butt hammering away in the mid day sun, balls slapping loudly against his mates crack. They take a break for some deep snogging and hole fingering but soon it's back to rough fucking, the top working his own nipples as he tests his mates limits of endurance. Soon both guys are on the edge and slip back into the hot tub still in their forty sock and trainers. Jerking hard and fast both let of a healthy stream of cum, the top dumping his load on his mate who then comes his tummy with his own big load. Muscles fucking in the Spanish sun; fucking nice.
Next up is a classic council cunt in cheap as fuck sportwear. The knob is impressive; huge PA and cockring show this is one horned up fucker who is all about sex. Yeah, the bod says he goes to the gym but really you know he spends more time inn the toilets working his knob out. A short n sweet j/o ends with a big pool of jizz on his belly.
Scene Three and we get to see a piece of hot Latin lad taking matters into his own hands after a kick about. In tight black kit he strokes his cock thru the side of his shorts to get hard. Then off comes the shirt to reveal a FIT chest and pierced tit surrounded by well horny ink-work. When more of the meat is whacked out we see it is completely shaved; so fucking sexy on a srt8 stud. And using a pussy porn mag he splatters his trainer with his seed, rubbing his helmet on the leather. Awesome.
A mean looking blonde lad in moody casual gear and cheap bling is next to drop his jeans and knock one to for the lads. No big fucking la-de-dah story here; just a horny scally lad who needs to empty his balls before his mates get home. Solid stroking gets the fucking job done.
Then onto a first timer and some very dirty interaction between the jerker and the cameraman. The verbal between the two is so horny and when the geezer being filmed drops his sorts he is already at full mast, balls hanging down on the seat of the chair. He lazily works his cock, gets a face and mouthful of spunk from the camera guy (who has a healthy piece on him too) and eventually spunks a HUGE flying load.
You like your men big and bear like; this next scene is for you. After training the coach and a player get into the communal bath to sort their blue balls out. Lots of snogging and stroking and sucking in a big old tiled bath; Triga deliver something different AGAIN.
Finally, a young lad, too full of spunk to get a fuckin' job wastes another afternoon on the couch in his flat "spanking the monkey". This lad don't even need porn to flick thru, his balls so swollen with jizz he just needs to get off. Once he is hard and his tit is sore from his pulling it, he drops his trackies and spreads his massive thighs and plays with his ball sack and takes his time working his solid knob, staring at his cock while he wanks. He spunks and then looks into the camera as is to say `you enjoyed that, didn't ya`Answer YES!

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