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Themes: Cum Eating, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Threeways, Uncut Cocks, Water Sports
Starring: Chris Leaper, Jake Wood, Daniel McMahon, Mike, Stiffwood, Joey Rankin, Tor Matthews, Randy Ramer, Ryan Ryder, and Elliot Cross
Studio: Spunk Video
Duration: 53 minutes


Cute young Elliott Cross told us of his fantasy to be the bottom in a watersports gang-flood. Like many young men, Elliott had some experience in watersports, but he had never taken a piss load in the mouth. Watch as 10 nasty men piss him into oblivion, practically drowning him in their golden streams. It's a non-stop whiz-fest the likes of which has never been filmed before.

Elliot descends the rickety staircase into our piss basement that doubles as our perverted workshop. Nine hung and big-bladdered tops wait for clean-cut Elliot to wash down with their hot piss. Elliot wastes no time nor a single drop, taking load after load in his mouth and down his gullet. With so many firehoses to choose, Elliot lives every piss-bottoms dream as he moves from man to man, getting in some cock sucking and cum eating (fans will recognize Elliot from his Spunk debut Cum in My Mouth) along the way.

Elliot finds piss to be an equal opportunity watersport. From smooth/ripped Chris Leaper to furry/ripped Joey Rankin, each dude alternatively sprays El with pee or spooge. He starts out dry in his white t-shirt and tighty-whities, but before a minute passes he's soaked and yellow. These pissers get off drenching Elliot and watching each-other do it.

Elliot gets hard as he gets wet, and it seems that he gets harder the wetter he gets. The great thing about a being the bottom in such a piss group is that there's either a dick to suck, a load to swallow, or more piss in which to wallow. Elliot found the throbbing dicks spurting loads as intoxicating as any liquor as each top announced his was about to cum. While another top pissed all over him. Rinse and repeat, as they say.

Jonny Ransom brings a fresh approch to the piss flick, exploring the nature of pissers and the men who love them. Elliot revels in the attention, and reflects it back on their cocks as the tops gather around him in a circle, each jerking their meat (when not in Elliot's mouth or they stop to take a leak).

By the time Elliot's sucked down every load and showered in liquid gold, there was a couple of inches of piss on the floor. We're talking unprecedented volume here. Fortunately, there was a floor drain, but let's just say cleanup was a breeze.

We even got some great DVD extras, from dumping a piss-filled jug over Elliot's head, to playing with a frozen wadd of whiz we call a Pissicle. Spunk is proud to present Piss in My Mouth starring Elliot Cross, in his piss-debut no less. This is piss filmmaking like never seen before.

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